Friday, October 07, 2005

Dove's "Real Women" campaign.

Ok, so Dove’s brand manager has said in a recent interview that they are looking to connect with women on a global level so they can feel better about their own bodies. And to do this they’ve contracted a small un-international agency.

Well that makes sense – in bizarro world!

Anyway, my opinion is that I hate the new campaign. Time for another Markoos’ patented “Ranting Theory©”.

This Theory involves ugly people. My theory is:
“There is no such thing as ugly people, only lazy people.”

It’s that simple. If you’re ugly, exercise, get some nice clothes, get a personality and loose the ‘world hates me’ complex.

Sure, you might be ‘beautiful on the inside’ but let’s work on you being ‘beautiful on the outside’ too!

Why should we have to change our ingrained notion of what we think is attractive just because of a few fatties that complain?


Anonymous said...

dude -there's fat ugly people and beautiful people...and then there's fat ugly people who've eaten too much biker speed and are now rake thin...but still ugly. SEE things are not always black and white.
p.s. there IS another Douglas out there on your blog!

markoos said...

interesting point Duggy...

i'm from a town that is dominated by biker speed ho's. i've seen this with my own eyes so i know what you're talking about. but you just have to remember, they aren't real people.

therefore, i stand by my theory.