Friday, January 13, 2006

remind me again?

The search for the perfect calendar reminder service.

Dodson posted a great site outlining 10 sites that everyone should know about and one of these was rememberthemilk.

It’s a calendar service that lets you organise your tasks and send reminders to yourself via email, IM and mobile phone.

The idea of text message reminders got me hot so I signed up only to find that they don’t support Ozland mobiles.

So I’ve started my quest for the perfect reminder and organiser service. Here are my criteria:

1. they must support little old Ozland people (on mobile)
2. must be online and accessible from anywhere
3. simple and easy to use and non complicated
3. must be free

I found a great one that mac makes called iCal. It’s very pretty and looks simple and very easy to use but it looses out on #2 and it’s available to mac users only.

Google directories brought up a list of reminder / calendar services here. I’m yet to sift through all of them yet.


Emily said...

Hi Mark,

Just came across your post. The mobile networks in Australia don't have free email-to-SMS services, so unfortunately Remember The Milk can't send reminders to Australian mobiles. We wish we could though -- we're Australian too :)


markoos said...

Hey Emily,

I assume that you're from Remember The Milk. There are a couple of sites that offer to send free SMS's to australian mobiles. not sure if they're based in australia or not though. but the capabilities are definately there.

it's a real shame because RTM is by far the best service sans the SMS. i have had to regiser to a crappy service called mymemoriser instead as they offer free SMS reminders - but i would much preffer to use the RTM service.


Emily said...


I am indeed from Remember The Milk :)

If you have the URLs of any sites you've found that offer free SMS to Australian mobiles, I'd love to check them out.

Also, which mobile network are you on?


markoos said...

Hi Emily,

First let me congratulate you on your champion use of the internet to monitor indirect consumer opinion and feedback. hugh Macleod would be impressed.

As I said, after I discovered that I couldn’t use the SMS feature, I went on a search to find one that could. My search lead to a site called my memorizer (

This site offers the coveted SMS feature which I have tried successfully on a few occasions today.

My mobile phone is with the M8 Company which is a branch of Optus telecommunications here in Australia.

The following sites allow users to send SMS’s from computers to mobiles in Australia:

And you’ll find a list of them here also:

I hope this helps you to make the RTM site even more valuable to us Ozzies!

Many thanks,


Emily said...


Thanks for the info -- I'll email you further about this.


Anonymous said...

Definitely do not use, these guys are extremely dangerouss spammers with completely unethical marketing techniques. Just google them before you do anything and get the full picture. Check Joi Ito, for instance, about I'm publishing the comment as Anonymous (I never do) just because these people are threatening to sue anyone who posts bad reviews about them...

markoos said...

hmmm... this is one of the sites i checked out, but i didn't register or sign up though.

many thanks for the heads up.

interesting that they feel the need to be so threatening. i'm always suspicious of overy defensive people / organisations.

Anonymous said...

I remember getting spammed by—odd since it is fairly widely known by my peers that I do not use cellphones. But I have to agree with the other Anonymous user above. The actions they took against Joi Ito are ridiculous and have no foundation in law. The company essentially threatened Mr Ito by saying that free speech and opinion are not permitted when it comes to their company. Also see Joi’s first post here that kicked off the threat—the man just expressed his opinion and wrote about something that happened to him. Isn’t that the purpose of blogging?

Anonymous said...

Mozilla has a calander based on ical here:
It can be used as part of Firefox or on its own.

markoos said...

thanks for the heads up. it's downloading as i type.

unfortunately remember the milk have given up on the sms reminder service for Oz mobiles.

it's a shame really because they have such a good site. they claim that they can't sms our mobiles even though it is possible from a numebr of other sites.

oh well, i gues they miss out on us Ozzies.

p.s. - thanks hugh.

Emily said...

Just thought I'd clarify for anyone following these comments, the reason that Remember The Milk cannot send SMS reminders to Australians is that the mobile networks don't have free email-to-SMS services (whereas networks in the US and most of the rest of the world do).

The websites mentioned that send free SMS to Australian mobiles are paying Telstra, Optus, etc for each message they send. In exchange for 'free' SMS, they require users to buy credits (e.g. BlueSkyFrog, or receive promotional emails (e.g. SMSPup). Unfortunately, there's no such thing as truly free SMS to Australian mobiles.

Remember The Milk itself is Australian (we're in Sydney) -- we definitely haven't 'given up' on our Australian users, but unless we setup a credit system where our users can purchase SMS credits, we cannot send out SMS reminders.

However, you're welcome to use a third-party that provides email-to-SMS services to setup reminders in Remember The Milk. For example, you could setup an account with a company like advertising-supported SMSPup, which I believe would give you an email address -- you could then setup your reminders in Remember The Milk to be sent to this address, thereby receiving reminders on your phone (I'm not recommending this service specifically, just saying it exists).

Hope this clears things up a little. :)


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