Friday, March 31, 2006


i was walking past a juice store in the city when i saw these two ads - appologies for the crap qty pics.

they're almost carbon copies of the apple ipod ads because i guess they're trying to target the same market and all that crap, but what the hell?

surely this is not allowed? or is immitation simply the sincerest form of flattery?



Sassan Sanei said...

Didn't you hear? Apple trademarks black silhouettes against coloured backgrounds. Children's shadow puppet shows everywhere must pay royalties.

mark robert allen said...

(claps) ha ha. very funny.

i guess i'm just amazed that apples has carved it's ipod so deeply into the consumer vernacular that every aspect of it is easily recognised and is almost the benchmark.


Under Australian law, this is considered parody and an expression of free speech, so this would be used as a defence. There might be problems if the company was itself marketing an iPod competitor, however.