Thursday, March 30, 2006

feel sorry for markoos for he is an idiot.

I have been such a good student with my assignments and study. Seriously.

I have been at uni all day today (my day off) finishing assignments early.

I had just finished my media planning assignment at 3.30pm when the lunchtime hunger pangs could be ignored no longer. So I saved it to the desktop and made my way outside the computer lab to enjoy a tasty instant noodle lunch and coffee.

After reading a couple of chapters in my latest book (“he dies with a felafel in his hand” John Birmingham) I ventured back inside to find that the computer I was at, with my books strewn all around it to indicate I it was taken, had logged off.

No matter, I thought as I plopped myself down in front of the screen quite content at the work I had put in today.

When I logged in I found the desktop empty?!!!!

After i removed my heart from my thoat and stomach from the floor the cold shivers ran through me. My eyes darted around the screen – surely the files were just hidden somewhere? Recent documents? Bare! Recycle bin? Empty?!!!

I let out a wimper (ok I cried a little).

The student computer help desk should be just called the ‘student computer desk’ because they were absolutely no help whatsoever. They told me that when the computer logs off it deletes anything on the desktop and there was no way to get it back.

A solid days work wasted.

I’ll be at the library until close tonight trying to catch up.

Lesson learned? I’ll never, ever, ever again save anything to the desktop. Ever.


Deb said...


mark robert allen said...

yeah ouch.

it took some time, ut i eventually re-wrote it all. it was obviously easier the second timea arround, but still...


Man, that sucks you lost it the first time around. I hate repeating work as it’s never the same the second time. I lost a blog post that day, so not quite as serious, but still …

mark robert allen said...

ahhh! yeah i've done that too. i write it out in word first and save it, then post it. been caught before...