Thursday, April 27, 2006

The Booster Boy project

So being a frugal student (read, cheap ass) I’ve had to go without a few luxuries ant toys.

But sometimes this puts me right out and I have to find ways around having no money for certain things, like stealing toilet paper from public restrooms and lining up for free soup at the homeless shelter.

My most recent problem was that I needed (yes, I needed) a portable speaker system for my iPod mini so I could listen to tunes when we were out at picnics and bbq’s.

Now, a standard portable speaker system for the iPods are going to set you back minimum of $180 and that price can go waaaay up into the stratosphere.

So with a budget of $4 I looked around my apartment for something that I might be able to use and I came across the ol’ trusty Booster Boy.

For the uninitiated, the Booster Boy was an add-on for the gameboy that effectively turned your gameboy into a mini arcade type of thing with a magnifier and light.

This system also has two “stereo” speakers that you connect you gameboy to so it was easy to plug the trusty iPod into and hey presto, I now have portable speakers that just scream “OLD SCHOOL”!!!!



Alex said...

oh my god! that might just be the coolest thing ever, looks all old skool and sticks it to da man, beautiful!
p.s i can't believe you remembered my blog either, haha what kinda nerds discuss blogs at parties, us obviously

Sassan Sanei said...

Well done! The coolness-to-price ratio of your solution is far higher than the store-bought speakers.

mark robert allen said...

healex, yeah we're super geeks aren't we? i can't even remember how we came to be talking about our blogs. maybe while we were cleaning our coke bottle glasses and complimenting eachother on our pocket protectors. meehoyven-glaven!

keep up the good work on your site.

chat soon!

mark robert allen said...

yeah it's definately got that cool factor.

sure it's cumbersome, bulky, heavy and the sound is really crap, but damn it if it doens't look good.

Anonymous said...

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