Wednesday, April 26, 2006

confessions of a strip club barman

Shift: Monday night
Tips: $63

It was retardedly busy on Monday night and as the only barman rostered on I was all over it. The bar was 9 people deep and I was opening beers with one hand, shaking cocktails with the other while opening the fridge with my right foot and working the register with my nose.
I was taking orders 5 at a time, dishing out witty comments and keeping the crowd entertained.

That’s how the night played out in my head. In reality I was slipping all over the wet dirty bar, giving out wrong orders and short changing people while crying into my bar towel because we’d run out of ice, lemons, vodka and 50c coins.

It was waaay to busy for one barman but it didn’t really surprise me that they hadn’t rostered two on – I got a call the other night to come in to work because thy’d forgotten to roster a barman on at all!

The night flew by and there wasn’t really that much to comment on except for this guy that I saw when I was on my break who was “busking” outside. I use the word ‘busking’ very loosely because this guy could have just as easily have been classed as a bum who found a trombone and drum.

you can see what i'm talking about here.

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