Sunday, April 23, 2006

look what i found in an op shop

i found this shirt in an op shop on the weekend.

i can't understand why no ones' bought it yet?

no. i didn't buy it.


Anonymous said...

wicked. I've been looking for a Jailed Inmates Solidarity Mission shirt for ages. can you putting on layby for me??

Michele said...

I wouldn't wear that ... nice design though. Congrats on your blog being a year old! Just came back from VACA and just now making the visiting rounds.
Love the funny pic's in a few posts below. Visiting here is always good for a chuckle or three.
Have a great week!

mark robert allen said...

doogie, i'm sure that the shirt is still available if you want it. i can send it to you if you really really want.

michele, good to have you back on board!

Deb said...

Nothing spells class like a really nice tshirt.

mark robert allen said...

yeah i like the image of all the sperm on the front too.

the black says 'i'm formal', but the logo screams 'hey, wanna party?'

it's casual wear with a hint of class and style.

fomal with a slice of cheekyness.