Monday, April 10, 2006


I was strolling around the Queensland museum and art gallery on the weekend when something caught my eye. On the ground, near a corner, there was a small brown wooden box that looked much like a miniature door. it was out of the way and it would be easy to overlook.

I got a closer look to find that it was a miniature wooden door with the letters “R&M” embossed into the wood in gold letters.

Now you’re not usually allowed to touch the art works but this didn’t look much like a piece of art and there wasn’t any plaque or labels attached near it to show the artist or the name of the piece.

I opened the tiny door to see two white mice staring back at me, fully dressed. The girl mouse even had a bow in her hair.

I still haven’t made up my mind about what this piece is. I immediately thought of the BANKSY art gallery pranks where he posted his own works in the Tate for about a week before they were discovered.

I wasn’t going to ask any of the gallery workers just in case it was a prank piece because it would be a shame to loose it from its cosy little position.

If you’re out there R&M, good job mate.

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Anonymous said...

ahahahah that is brilliant !