Thursday, April 27, 2006

new blog

the latest blog to grace this great blogosphere is "the etch-a-sketch".

the publisher of this blog has been featured on the pages of 'out and about' in the past (see image) and is the little brother of markoos.

as you can see he's mentally challenged but you can't keep the spirit of this little guy down. despite the mental challenges faced by him in his everyday life, he's a big fan of surfing, skating and all things to do with the beach.

everynow and then we wheel him down to the beach and let him grunt, drool and point at all of the people on the sand - we can't take him on the beach because of his chair, but we're hoping to get him a special 'surf chair' that lets him wheel into the shallows.

take a moment to check out what this brave little fella has to say and leave a comment if it so pleases you.

over and out.



Surprisingly, mate, his MO is similar to yours—the first post says he will put up random stuff.

mark robert allen said...

yeah like brother, like... brother, i s'pose.

heh heh.

he wasn't too happy about the write up so i'm sure there will be a bad write up of me on his blog soon enough.