Tuesday, April 18, 2006

new toys

i love pointless junk and gadgets, so when i saw this, i knew i had to have one!

"Looking for the perfect gift ? Well, you just found it. The gift that keeps on giving. Get your fat ass off the couch and away from the football games. Build a fly-powered airplane. It is more fun that a hot poker in the eye, and it is educational too! In fact you may even adopt a whole new attitude about learning. Give it a try and prove that what everyone is saying about you is untrue. Your're no idiot!"

link to more pointless inventions


triarius said...

Does it fly? On real house-flies? You should test it 'cause it's absolutely fascinating!

I guess I put it on my Froogle wish list.

Sassan Sanei said...

I was going to ask if it really works, but then I saw on the package "IT REALLY WORKS" so now I'm convinced.