Sunday, April 23, 2006

nice puppy!

police have been threatening to use drug sniffer dogs for a while now, but it seems that they've started targeting the valley area (my backyard).

so if you're lined up waiting to get into a club and a dog sits next to you or nuzzles into your crotch, we's not being friendly, you've just been nabbed my friend!

Police, drugs dogs raid nightclubs
From: AAP
April 22, 2006

THIRTEEN people have been arrested for drug offences following a police sniffer dog operation outside nightclubs in Brisbane.Over 40 police officers, including members of the state drug investigation unit and a drug detection dog, were involved in the Walk the Line operation last night in Fortitude Valley, police said. Patrons waiting to enter nightclubs and pedestrian traffic around licensed venues were targeted.

A drug detection dog was used outside licensed premises in the Fortitude Valley nightclub precinct, a police spokeswoman said.

"Persons who were indicated by the dog as having been in contact with drugs were detained and searched by investigators."

Thirteen people were arrested on 17 drug-related charges.

Quantities of ecstasy tablets, methamphetamine, cannabis and a large amount of cash were seized.

The operation was part of a crackdown on illegal drugs in the area, police said.

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thanks to duggy for the tip off!

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