Sunday, April 23, 2006

'out and about' is 1 year old

on the 29th Markoos Out And About will turn 1.

I know I probably should have waited until the 29th, but I only noticed that the anniversary was comings up by chance and I know that I will most definitely forget about it come the 29th.

it seems like only last year that I was bored at the office and created this fine blog. I let it lag for a while, posting sporadically every now and then. Now, a year on the blog is checked full of random crap and chronicles of old markoos while he's out and about.

here's the very first post:

stuff. My stuff. Your stuff. Random stuff and maybe a little crappy stuff.

I'm going to fill this blog with stuff that I come across, so watch out - there might even be some stuff about you!

stay tuned.

you can see the very first post here.


Anonymous said...

yep. that's been the highlight for me so far...

mark robert allen said...

the highlight is 'out and about' turning 1? well thanks doogie. thanks alot matey


Happy birthday to your blog, Markoos! Random is good. It’s postmodern. (Verification word: gsuavmey. Not easy to type.)

mark robert allen said...

why thank you. i'm looking forward to the terrible two's next year when i'm going to start getting cranky and make life miserable for everyone.