Friday, April 21, 2006

peter griffin

i love the family guy. sure it has some likeness to the simpsons but the simpsons have been such a magnificent pop culture experience for the past almost 15 years it would be hard not to borrow from them in any way.

anyway, i'm getting side tracked. check this poor bastard out. he's the spitting image of peter griffin, the main charecter of the family guy.


Odat said...

OMG...That poor man!!!! LMAO


Mind you, if he gets to be married to someone who looks like Lois (any votes for hottest cartoon housewife? Or does that go to Francine Smith?), he’ll have the last laugh.

Sassan Sanei said...

I call faked name but DAMN that's funny!

mark robert allen said...

lois isn't as hot as wilma flintstone. she wins hands down!

Francine Smith? who is this woman? maybe i shoudl google her.

yeah the name's definately been placed there but the rest is damned real!

Anonymous said...

Frnacine from 'American Dad'