Monday, April 10, 2006

the rejection line

So I started this thing here in Australia called “the rejection line”.

Basically, it’s a phone number that you can give out to losers that are bothering you in bars (or other situations) instead of your real number. When they call it later, they hear a recording of my voice telling them they’ve just been rejected.

It’s been extremely successful and I’ve done interviews with all the major metropolitan newspapers and radio stations across Australia.

An unexpected side benefit from this was all the texts that people were sending this number. We attached the phone to a server and stream all the texts directly tot his page.

Some of them are pretty random, but below are some of my favourite texts…

If you were ice cream… I’d lick you. If you were a lollie I’d suck you. But your not so id rather chain you up to my bed and bang the fuck out of you. :-P

Hey sexy wanna root?
well at least it's direct

Hey sxc I wanna fcuk u
again, direct

Hey best sex I have ever had when can I see you again I want you body pushed up to mine with the passion pop in our system eating pie in the sky with jesus…
damn! you've been rejected. guess it wan't the best sex they've ever had! ha ha!

Hey felicity. Its phil. Work experience phil. How are things. About today, im sorry if u were startled by my question. It may have been a little out of line on my behalf. Even though u r seeing someone would u still like 2 catch up sometime and go out 4 tea or something. Its just that u seemed like a nice person and I would like to spend more time with u. would u be up for that. If u don’t mind I would like ur home no. so we can chat some more. My no is xxxxxxxx and xxxxxxxx
this is a classic example of what the rejection line is for. stalkers! - and who gives their home AND mobile?

Can u tel me if u like me more than a friend or u don’t like me at all. Coz need 2 no coz sum one asked me a question so I said I wil do it if I don’t go out wit brook so that’s why I wont 2 no. I no u got credit so can u rite bak plz an I do like u better than everyone specialy Alicia

loser. rejected

Hey kate its ben we’re pissed and spent out taxi money on beer can you come pick us up in about 10?
guess you'll be walking buddy!

This is an important message from the State Library: Please return “sex with chickens”, we also remind you that the book “Small dick, so what?” has arrived.
heh heh

Hi Rachael, sorry I didn’t tell you in front of your sis but am quite attracted to u
guess the feelings not mutual

You want a hardcore fucking from my hard asscock. Any way you like it I swear
thank you, come again - or not!

U r a prik!
they're never going to know it

Hi. Thanks for last nite.
no problemo. you've just been rejected!

Hey sexy, how they hanging. If u wanna ring me my mums number is xxxxxxxxxxxx
you mums number? ha! that's why you've just been rejected!

I have a Lebanese friend she’s single and she really wants to meet you. Are you interested?
guess not

Last night was awesome when can I c u?
is never good for you? never's good for me

Hi my name is chris landy or as the ladies like to call me – “hey you behind the bushes”. Speaking of ladies I’m single and would like to meet one so give me a call cuz I’m hot
not hot enough obviously

Hey, what up thang. How bout another hot nite?
strike out

Hey I enjoyed last night hope o can see you again luv your tiger

Hey how are ya. Had heaps of fun last night
too bad, so sad

Sarah… I still like you… and I know you don’t feel the same way about me… right?
you guessed correct buddy. life sux, get a helmet cuz you're gonna need it

The Rejection line in australia: 0419 317 446


Anonymous said...

thats beautifully pathetic. you kinda feel sad for them getting all their hopes up for a moment, but then you piss your pants laughing.. roll on the ground a little, bring your mates in to read them all, then you see a message you wrote.. jokes... hahaha
but seriously sarah if you're out there, call me.. please, we are meant to be together..

Anonymous said...

Great idea. But isn't the point of the rejection phone number that it's relatively anonymous? The fact that you're bragging about all your interviews with all the major newspapers and triple J implies it's a gimmick or just a chance to exploit others rather than a genuine "service".

Still, a great, funny idea, but now the number is so public, it seems it will have a definite shelf life.

Unknown said...

thanks for your comment.

the idea isn't for me to be the anon one, but for the person giving it out to be the anon one.

the number's been around for years and is still going strong. it averages about 20,000 calls a year - and that's not including the thousands of text messages!

chelsea .h said...

hahahaha i love this site i have givin this number to so many people its awesome but theres sum real idiots out there i gave this number to a guy and i seen him 1 week later and he said that everytime he called he just got my message bank ............???????????? how stupid can you get

Anonymous said...

Fucked up man it got disconnected, anybody no if there is a new number for australia?

Kevin from Rejection Number Australia said...

I have set up a new rejection number based on this same concept. The number is 0456 REJECT and it posts the messages it receives to

Anonymous said...

That is the best idea which I have seen someone to express their feeling for someone special in their lives. I am sure to pick some of these lines to impress someone special.