Monday, April 10, 2006

street art: MEEK

The Age calls Melbourne the 'Stencil Graffiti Capital'. Big claim, but it’s got some weight behind that. Wooster collective are based in Melbourne and a quick glance at their site shows that their not only a commentator on international stencil graffiti, they’re a major contributor.

And one of the most (in)famous artists to grace the Melbourne scene goes by the name of MEEK.

Meek, like those that shall inherit the earth. Get it? The man himself describes the meaning behind his handle.
“I chose it because of both meanings, the first being like someone who is taking a lot of shit from a greater power but is patiently waiting for this to change”

His art has splashes of BANKSY here and there in such pieces as the bum (‘keep your coins, I want change).

It’s this freedom of social commentary that inspire so many people to hold this public art form up as so much more than ‘pesky kids with their spray cans’.

Here are a few of MEEK’s works.

Cheers to adam.

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