Wednesday, April 12, 2006

street art

i took a short cut home last night through the tunnel in the park near the monestary nightclub. classic old school valley territory - where chinatown and the valley meet. it's usually a melting pot of drunk aboriginals sitting under trees, graffiti, broken glass and junkies in dark corners.

anyway, so i'm heading through this tunnel (which can get a little hairy late at night) but as i get into the tunnell i have to stop and take a moment. i stare in disbelief at where ther shoudl normally be a bright colourfull graffiti mural of scenes from everyday valley life, but it's gone!

a victim of the dreaded paint over.

ugly symetrical shapes now cover this once beutiful mural. no explanation, nothing except small gaps between the colours where they've left just enough room for the mural beneath to peek out as it dies. this glimpse seems to taunt me, tease me, as if to show me a tiny bit of what we've lost here.

rest in peace mural. you will be sorely missed.



mark robert allen said...
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mark robert allen said...

two people now have told me that my reference to 'aboriginals' is racist.

i wholeheartedly disagree.

the fact is, that this tunnell is use dby the aboriginal community as a shelter on most days where they all meet and drink cask wine or inhale paint.

they're usually friendly and don't hurt anyone (appart from the smashed glass). i have nothing against them in any way. i am simply stating a fact.

if there were chinese people sheltering under there and drinking, i would have said 'drunk chinese' etc, etc.

just because you refer to race doesn't mean you're a racist.

most of the time, people who villify others see some part of themselves in them = they see racist comments because they're either a racist or hyper sensitive to racist comments.