Sunday, May 07, 2006

chasers war on everything

i came across a brilliant show in the ol' ABC last Friday night while i stayed in and imagined what it would be like to have a life.

it's a bloody funny show that takes the piss out of pretty much anything like the government, celebrities and current affairs.

I recommend this video where they tackle the use of drug sniffer dogs.

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Anonymous said...

chaser's war on everything should be made compulsory viewing.
this is a sketch i saw a few weeks back:
Chris Taylor walks up to bouncers at nightclub wearing trakky daks and flanno shirt.
bouncer: sorry mate. members night tonight
- next he walks back with two hot chicks on his problem -straight in.
- next he comes back with two hot chicks on his arms wearing a kkk outfit complete with hood.
bouncer: sorry mate can't come in
girls: aw come on he's with us
bouncer: ok then in you go. (!!!!)
with their hidden camera they filmed him at the bar and playing pool etc inside . PISS FUNNY!!
the same night he comes back wearing only his jocks with the 2 girls on each arm. but the bouncer refused.
i was in stiches.
as the credits rolled it should chris in the KKK outfit in this funky sydney bar sitting on a couch with drink in hand chatting to patrons!!farking funny!