Friday, May 26, 2006

cool alarm clock round up

I’ve seen some pretty cool alarm clocks featured on the gizmodo page and with noni having troubles getting out of bed in the mornings I thought I’d profile some of the coolest ones:

On-Off Tilted Alarm Clock

Nina Tolstrup has successfully completely the first step of creating the ultimate alarm clock. This thing has no tiny buttons or complicated setup instructions. Tilt it one way to turn the alarm on, tilt it back to turn the alarm off. And if you happen to lose your hockey stick, attach this to a broomstick and you will be good to go.


KUKU Alarm Clock Creates Nuisance Situation, Wakes You Up

At your pre-designated time, this annoying little thing starts making an odd crowing noise while laying five tiny eggs into a basket next to it. It’s not going to stop making that racket until you put the five eggs back into its little receptacle on top. If one of those little eggs falls off the table and rolls under the bed, never to be seen again, well, we wouldn’t blame you for smashing this oddly-colored little clock into tiny little pieces. It’s $29.95.


Light Sleeper Wakes You Up With Light

Who needs that honking alarm clock when you have the Light Sleeper pillow and duvet, a design concept for bedding with electroluminescent threads embedded into it? Designers at loop.PH note that exposure to certain bright lights makes you feel better, especially in the wintertime. Problem is, your body is only receptive to these bright lights at certain times of the day, and apparently the best time is about one to two hours before waking.
So, Light Sleeper is designed to come on gradually, fading up in a natural breathing rhythm over 15 to 20 minutes at whatever time you designate. Set it for just the right time of the morning and it simulates a natural sunrise, providing the proper amount of light to reset those circadian rhythms.
Light Sleeper [Yanko Design]


Tempus Fugit: Floating Clock and Shuttle

We’ve seen floating globes held aloft by magnets, but we couldn’t resist the Floating Clock from Think Geek, which you place in the sweet spot between the top and bottom magnets and it hangs there as if by magic. It doesn’t just sit still, either—it even has a mechanism inside that allows it to auto-rotate.


Puzzle Alarm Clock Presents Mild Challenge, Wakes You Up

If you’ve snoozed through one-too-many alarms and then way overslept, Bim Bam Banana’s Puzzle Alarm Clock will give you a quick intelligence test that is bound to wake you up before it will stop its incessant honking. As soon as you can assemble the four puzzle pieces that are popped up into the air at your predesignated time, the thing will finally shut up. That should be just enough commotion to assure that you won’t go drifting back into la-la land. You’ll pay $52 for that privilege.
Product page [Bim Bam Banana, via popgadget]


The Nap Alarm, Another Innovation From Japan

A Japanese company by the name of Takanoha has come up with a tiny gadget that prevents you from falling asleep. Putting the Nap Alarm behind your ear, the gadget vibrates once it detects that you are falling asleep. It measures the speed of head movements in order to determine whether or not the user is falling asleep.

Just think of all those times you stayed up all night cramming for an exam—or, at least you planned on staying up. With the Nap Alarm, waking up 15 minutes before said exam may be a thing of the past, though falling asleep while driving is another matter entirely. (Hint: Find a place to stop, pull over. Problem solved.)
Japanese Nap Alarm [I4U News]
Product Page (In Japanese) [Takanoha]


Set Your Alarm on Vibrate

Turning away from the steady stream of annoying alarm clocks we’ve seen lately, the Lifemax Under Pillow Vibration Alarm Clock attempts to keep from bothering those around you by vibrating you awake rather than making obnoxious noises or requiring you to perform mundane tasks.
However, if you’ve ever been startled by your vibrating cellphone, you’ll know that this may have its own annoyances. It would be great for the hard of hearing, though. It’s $20.
Product page [via popgadget]


all above found on Gizmodo

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