Thursday, May 25, 2006

Ecstasy escape for World Cup Soccer violence?

Instead of crowbars, hooligans will now be brandishing cuppa chupps…

The first derby game in the 1991/92 season fell on a Saturday, but by this time something quite remarkable had happened. Many of the hard-core lads from both United and City had spent most of the summer dancing the weekends away to the sounds of house music at raves fuelled by the drug Ecstasy. They had done this together! They had got into a routine of meeting up at rave clubs and taking Ecstasy in groups comprising both United and City lads . . .

“Conversations were no longer about which team lads could be ambushed where and when,” said Gilman. “Rave culture and ecstasy use had become more attractive than using large amounts of alcohol and running around the streets looking for fights with opposing football fans. MDMA use encouraged a desire for friendship and togetherness, not aggression,” he reported.

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