Sunday, May 07, 2006

escape from mackay

I survived Mackay.

We left Thursday night with a plan to shoot Mackay and surrounding areas over the next two days.

Friday morning. With a 5am start we made our way up to the marina so we could get some nice early morning shots of the sun peaking over the breakwater and spilling into the harbour, filtered through the masts and boats. The shots would virtually take themselves.

6 am came and went with a no-show from the sun. As it eventually got lighter we saw how incredibly overcast it was. Bugger. There would be little hope of getting any usable morning shots today.

We spent every moment of the day driving to locations, doing recce’s and just generally shooting the shit out of the town in between light showers of rain.

Just before 4am Saturday we drove up to Airlie Beach. In the rain.

Airlie Beach is a mecca of backpackers and travellers, with apartments and hotels built into the steep hillside that rolls down to the beachside bars, cafĂ©’s and souvenir shops.

But as you can see from the panoramic pictures it was a bleak, grey day with no hint of sun or blue sky.

Thank god for photoshop.

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mark robert allen said...

that's always the way... just like my shoot at the Q1 building last year (see previous post) if you need rain, just plan a photo shoot.