Tuesday, May 09, 2006

f*ck tha pow-lease

Someone backed into my brother’s car last night and then drove off before he could get a chance to see who it was and no one was around to witness it.

What an asshole thing to do.

Anyways, so we take ourselves off to the local constabulary to let them know what’s happened and maybe see if there was anything that we could possibly do.

We were met at the front desk by a police lady in her 30’s to whom we explained what had happened.
It’s safe to say that our story was met with an overwhelming lack of enthusiasm and sighs (yes, she sighed at us as we told her what had happened).

We didn’t really expect them to speed to the scene of the crime, sirens and lights blaring, guns at the ready - all we wanted was for them to take down a report or maybe check their data (maybe there had been a few hit-and-runs in the area? Maybe someone had reported witnessing something?).

After we had finished, the officer (let’s call her “office lazy”) almost rolled her eyes as she explained to us that it would be completely pointless to file a report as there was nothing that they could (or were prepared to) do as it was a hit and run.

When I asked what info we could give her that could maybe help, she replied:

“um… the make, model and rego if the car that hit you?”

Her voice was dripping with sour, drawn out sarcasm.

I felt like shouting ‘NO SHIT! REALLY? WOULD THAT HELP?’

She sighed again:

“Well you can make me file a report if you really want to, but it won’t make any difference”

The clincher came when we insisted that we would like to file a report anyway – again with the sigh as she grabbed the report book – she said to us:

“Well it just means more work for me, that’s all”

We told her to forget about it in disgust. It was pathetic. Her eyes lit up, her spirits lifted and her voice lost all of that tired, lethargic tone as she said to us in a kind of excited way:

“Are you sure?!”

Are we sure? You’ve been talking us out of it for the past few minutes!

I’ve always stuck up for the cops – I always thought they copped a bum wrap. I mean, they served the public interests and kept the peace. They put their lives on the line for us and protected us, did what they could to serve us.

My views have changed remarkably after today’s encounter.


Anonymous said...

i met a an interesting character on the w/e introduced himself as ilhama john . he was a military man in his early 60s who i spoke with for about an hour ... he was lead captn of the arms division of the federal police for 5 years he did most his time in victoria and the last of his years in qld ... i asked him the major diff between vic police and qld police ... he said the qld crimes soft and the qld police service are the most unprofessional sector in oz .... supirsed me ... but im not suprised also ... there ya go ..

Anonymous said...

Should have made her file the report on principle and got the report file number so that The Duke could provide it to his insurer.


Makes our cops sound bloody good. They always file reports, even if they know nothing can be done (and they are realistic and tell you so). We might moan about our cops but compared to what you just had to deal with, we should count ourselves lucky.

mark robert allen said...

yeah, i always thought of the police as professional, but after that it'll be hard to convince me otherwise.