Monday, May 08, 2006

Finally photoshop

I've been resisting using photoshop for my stencil art a while now, instead using paint and word to manipulate my pictures in a very basic way (i know, i know).

I guess I feared what I thought was overwhelming and complex. What I found was what everyone kept telling me - a very easy to use program that just makes sense.

here's my first two attempts at a simple 3 or 4 colour stencil of my brothers and I - what do you think? Any thoughts, tips, feedback or helpful hints?

here's another one i did of the the local brissy bridge.

I am aiming to keep the layers to the least possible.

bye bye MS word and MS paint, hello Photoshop (thanks doddy).

definitely more to follow.


Anonymous said...

tip - the allen boys a re missing a chromosone...

Sassan Sanei said...

Looks great! Photoshop is life-changing. :)

mark robert allen said...

ha ha, anonymous, shuddup!

yeah photoshop is sofa king awesome.