Wednesday, May 03, 2006


I'm a big fan of google. They've got some killer apps and continue to innovate and produce creative ways to enhance the users experience. Sure they might be taking over the world and accumulating mass amounts of information about you, but they look like they would be a bloody fun company to work for.

I've been using g-mail for a while now, I've downloaded the google pack, played around with google earth and the notifier lets me know when I've got mail, so I was interested when I heard about this new fangled "G-drive"thingy.

it's a cool little program that creates an extra drive on your computer where you can store 'stuff' and access it from anywhere.

this is exactly what I'd been looking for as I'm a little paranoid about loosing all the valuable information on my computer.... Like, um... Pictures and stuff.

but I wasn't quite sure about what the hell it was and how it worked, so after passing through the brainiac that is bort, I was informed that it seems to just be an app that uses the 2.5Gb that you have available with your gmail account. So you would have to upload the files from your computer to gmail. The same thing can really be accomplished by just emailing the file to yourself. The problem is you'd use a lot of your bandwidth (if you had a limit) doing so.

check it out if you're so inclined here.

(interesting note: blogger spell check doesn't recognise the word "google")

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