Wednesday, May 03, 2006

google tips

while i'm talking about google, here's some tips for using google i came across from the good people at TIME.

whay hasn't my package arrived?
to find out, type in a tracking number for any major shipping service.

is my flight on time?
enter the name of the airline followed ny a flight number to check on a plane's status.

is it going to snow in St Louis, Missouri?
Type in 'weather' and any US city and its state for a quick report.

how good is 'brokeback mountain'?
type in "movie: brokeback mountain" (or any other film name) for an instant compliation of published reviews.

what is $3.5 worth in Brittish Punds?
a new currency converter feature replies to an input like "3.5 USD in GBP".

for more features check this out.


Dave Levinson said...

What's even cooler is you can do this via SMS on your cell. It's fricken great!

mark robert allen said...

now that's cool.

Anonymous said...

"Brittish Punds"?

mark robert allen said...

shudduppa ya face!