Saturday, May 13, 2006

gunners palace

There was a great documentary on SBS the other night called “Gunner’s Palace” that I missed.

It’s basically about the soldiers in Iraq that have set up shop in Sadam’s palaces.

I checked out the website hoping to find an online version, but instead found a great blog filled with some great war stories that reminded me of Michael Yon’s writing.

Again, showing the gritty realities of war without the gloss and sheen or over hype of mass media.

We were driving to BIAP the other day---someone cooked up a reason so we could go to the PX and Burger King (believe it or not). We took orders for something like 50 Whoppers. On the way down the airport road traffic suddenly stopped because there was an IED on the road. As we pulled over, we heard that a sniper was engaging the convoys ahead of us. All that for a Whopper.

lin to the documentary site

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