Tuesday, May 02, 2006

leo's going, going, gone! 2

It seems like only 12 months ago that I was at leo’s last going away party at the coast.

Just like last time, leo’s heading to ol’ Sydney town. This time it’s so that he can study his true passion, music.

The night was a blast as always with lots of nudity (all leo).

Much to my bemusement, I woke up with a bite mark on my left shoulder but it wasn’t until I saw the photos of the night that I found out that loe and I had wrestled a little. A tetanus and rabies shot later and we’re all good though.

Robin bought a cake but it was all in vein as leo ended up swimming in it face first.

Keep an eye on Leoism to see how he goes in Sydney. See you later little fella, and good luck.

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