Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Let down by the police yet again

I finished uni at about 9 last night and was riding home in the cold, minding my own business when a crappy little Suzuki soft top passed me with two guys hanging out of the back of it screaming and yelling.

I felt two objects brushed across my face and exploded on the ground next to me causing me to swerve violently and nearly crash into a wall.

Water balloons.

They sped off and started to harass the car in front of them, throwing water balloons and tailgating them with their lights up.

This really annoyed me. This was my neighbourhood dammit! If anyone was going to harass the locals, it would be me!

I took off down the road after them, but they turned the corner at the end of the block so I cut through an apartment block and waited on the next corner.

They came up the road swerving and throwing stuff at cars and people on the side of the road.

I waited until the last minute and then stuck my head out from behind a phone poll, straining to read their licence plate against the glare of their headlights.

No luck.

By now they had spotted me and I was met with quizzical looks as they tried to work out why I was riding after them. I stopped in the middle of the road and took down their licence plate.

They recognised me and realised what I was doing, but by the time they had turned around I was gone. I heard them doing laps of the block shouting and yahooing for a while before giving up on trying to find me.

The thing that annoyed me the most is that these guys weren’t young uni students or high school kids, they were older than me!

So I called the local cops to report a nuisance and surprise, surprise, they didn’t want to know about it just like the last time I went to see them about the hit and run.

What’s with the Queensland police force? Seriously?

I spoke to the cuntstable over the phone and gave him all the details: car make, model, registration, description of the people, the roads they were on, the times etc. but he said there wasn’t anything he could do.

Seriously! Wtf?!!?!?!? Should we start to take the law into our own hands? More action would be taken.

I propose that someone should start a private police force, list it on the stock exchange and run it like a business. Sure you’d have to pay a fee for investigations, but at least you’d be guaranteed an outcome and at the very least, they’d actually listen to you!

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