Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Markoos rant© - making the most of youtube

So I’ve been posting a lot of movies on my site lately. Sorry if you find that a little lazy on my part, but I love em so they’re not going to decrease anytime soon.

For the most part, I’ve been using the Youtube service. Now this is all fine and good, but they have some strict rules about that whole ‘copyright’ thing.
This translates into me not being able to download or upload my favourite family guy, American dad, southpark, or futurama clips to share with y’all. This even covers most trailers for movies.

Now this seems a little silly to me.

From a marketing viewpoint, allowing a loyal audience to distribute the clips and talk up their show would be a dream come true. All of a sudden, instead of relying on television or DVD’s as the main form of distribution for your product, you’ve got fans (brand champions, people who speak highly about your product, influencers) spreading the message like a virus amongst their friends and social groups.

Sure there’s the chance that some people might rely on these online clips only and not purchase the DVD’s, but I feel that this is only a small percentage of the total.

I know people who have seen clips, loved them so much they’ve gone out and bought complete series (Adam, I’m looking in your direction).

And movie trailers? I learned about two new movies lately (the Pan’s Labyrinth, A scanner darkly) that I saw on youtube. These were immediately taken down because of ‘copyright infringement’. They’re only going to increase their distribution, their reach and frequency so what’s the problem?

Think about it companies, seriously. It really is in your best interests.

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