Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Myspace is gay

I don’t use myspace, therefore I think it’s stupid. I’m sure it’s got its merits, I’m just too lazy to find them out though.

I saw the myspace movie the other day and I laughed so much milk shot out my nose.

Myspace is gay chronicles the subtleties of the classic myspace photos and helps to explain what they mean.

For example:

If their pic is blurry - they want you to think they’re artistic - when they’re really fat, covered in acne.

If the pic is an extreme angle – they want you to think they’re trndy and enigmatic – when they’re really ugly and the angles try to hide that fact.

If the pic is of a guy wearing eye makeup – he wants you to think he’s down with the band scene – when really, he loves the cock.

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