Friday, May 19, 2006

New toy: Sony VAIO portable PC

Why do these electronics manufacturers keep doing this to me? Here’s more electronic porn for you, this time from Sony. It’s their VIAO portable PC and it’s getting me hawt.

From Gizmodo:

A real mini-PC with an Intel Centrino 1.06GHz processor running Windows XP. There’s a separately available Bluetooth GPS unit, two built-in cameras and it takes just five seconds to start up from standby mode.

We like that hideaway keyboard, the 4.5-inch LCD touch panel and its carbon fiber body frame which keeps it nice and light. Sony says the VGN-UX50 will be available in July.

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Just D said...

I want one!

I suspect I'll never be able to afford one. lol

markoos said...

yeah me too!