Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Rejection Line

So here’s the deal. Even though the rejection line was set up to give to people to call, I get a bunch of texts to the number every day.

Here’s the best pic of the latest ones:

Hi this is Tom i was at that party on saturday night. Im friends with Graffo. That party was wild.
- who cares if you know graffo? You’ve been rejected!

Ey how r ya.? sorry for bein a dik last night. jus wasnt comftable meetn u last night cz i barely know u! i dunno who u got my number from cz i cal up the people u said u know n they dont know u! btw u got a pic? lol if u do can u send one over to ***** anywaiz hope to hear from u again chao
- ha! You must have bee a real “dik” last night mate, cuz she gave you the rejection line. Sukka! And that’s not how you spell ciao dumbass.

Hey baby im lookin for a good time
- ah, yeah, so much so that she gave you the rejection line. It’s no wonder, considering you would send a text like that. Geez.

Hey this is nathan hutley are you single be honest please message me back please
- desperation just drips out of this text message

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