Saturday, May 13, 2006

seek, and you will find... markoos

So I typed ‘markoos’ into Google today and found that I’m like number 2 on the returned search list.

(happy dance)

I’m not sure what that means exactly, but I’ve never even shown up before so this is pretty big for the ol’ ego.

I’ve been looking for a tool to find out and track traffic on my site, but I think that because it’s a ‘blogger’ site it’s not eligible for this.

Anyone got any tips or advice?


Dunja said...

Well done!! Thats great!
Still cant believe you're not coming to my party. Not happy.
I'm the only person that comes up for my name when i google myself... thank god they took down the photo that used to come up as number two... ah the embarrasment of being an adolescent - with braces. eh. thank god times have changed...

Deb said...

Sitemeter will track your traffic. On my blog scroll all the way down and you'll see a small button thingy, click it and it'll take you to their site. You can pay and get more information (I don't cuz I'm a cheap ass) or you can have a free account that will track basic traffic.

mark robert allen said...

spanks. i will check sitemaster out.

dunja - sorry aboot tha party babe. i was booked in for this a while ago.

hope it's all you wish it to be. send pics?