Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Thanks, no

I’ve commented before on people sending silly chain letters and ridiculous emails about how you’re as special as a snowflake and how I mean the world to someone.

If it really is sincere, then take the time to write it yourself. Or at the very least, remove the “FW:” from the subject line.

If you find yourself on the receiving end of these emails, then maybe this site could be of some use…

Hi. The person who sent you this link is a friend who likes you a lot but who wants you to respect their email address, their privacy, and their time.

Chances are, this person asked you to visit this page because you did one of these things:

  • Forwarded a funny story, a virus warning, or a photo that you enjoyed
  • Sent email to lots of people using the “To:” line (instead of the “BCC:” line), thereby exposing your friend's email address to strangers
  • CC’d your friend unnecessarily on something you had sent primarily to someone else

In any case, you might want to go back and have another look at the email they’re replying to. They asked you to visit here because, while they love getting one-on-one, personal messages from you, they really don’t want to receive more messages like the one you just sent. Cool?

1 comment:

Odat said...

LOL....i so you know how many children have died, how many people are going to hell and how many people won't meet the love of their lives or have their dreams come true because i didn't forward a chain email to at least 10 people within 3 minutes of receiving it???