Friday, May 26, 2006

wayahudi family: from the street to the studio

The wayahudi family were profiled on the JJJ radio station on Monday night and I just got around to listening to it.

I asked close friend and music magician Dig Dug about the special hand he had in bringing their unique stylings to our shore and shares the story with us:

“Its a long story dude but: my sister told me about these street kids where she lives in Arusha, Tanzania who've got together and gig as a hip hop crew. They are called wayahudi family which is Hebrew for 'displaced people'. These dudes are orphans and have worked the streets hustling since they were little tackers.

Anyway, I was thinking about getting over here for a festival in oz BUT they didn't have any product as they mainly do live gigs.

So I thought that they'd better make an album and I thought the perfect dude would be Morganics so I got in contact with him.

He was on a world tour and said that when he was in London he would take a side trip to Tanzania. The rest is (and will be) history.

Morganics was responsible for the famous Wilcannia Mob.


Anonymous said...

aw dude -sorry about using dude so much much.
thanks dude

mark robert allen said...

no dramas dude.