Friday, May 19, 2006

You want fries with that?

I had just finished reading Eric Schlosser’s book reefer madness, when this book was recommended to me by a friend so I bought it from amazon, only to have it arrive as a book on tape (CD)!So I downloaded it on my ipod and listened to it on my way to work which turned out to be a good way to digest a book.

Aaaaanyways… it’s a great book all about how far reaching the fast food industry is in every facit of American life and culture. It illustrates how it’s greasy tendrils shape lives and influence behaviours.

When I learned that they were making a movie about this, I imagined a documentary style movie in the same style as a Michael Moore. To my surprise, I find that it’s portrays actual characters involved in the different levels of the fast food industry.

Looks pretty cool.

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