Saturday, June 10, 2006

i'm not your mate!

i got abused the other day by a bus driver.

as i stepped onto the bus i asked the driver if this bus was going to the city "excuse me mate, is this bus stopping in the city"?

he looked blankly at me for a moment. pausing long enough for me to ask him if he had heard me properly.

"who's your mate"? he asked me.

i looked behind me at dave.

"that's my brother" i said quizzically, not sure why he would need to know.

“No! who are you calling ‘mate’? I’m not your mate”! he spat at me.

By this stage there was a line of people behind us waiting to get onto the bus but the driver had only just started his rant.

“you don’t know me, do you? Why would you presume that we are mates”?

This pissed me off “you’re in Australia, mate. It’s a widely used colloquialism. I think you’re being a little to literal about all of this”

People began groaning behind me and looking at their watches, obviously keen to get moving.

“don’t presume that we’ll ever be friends. We’re not and even if we were…” he started but I cut him off...

“I don’t want to know your life story mate, just give me a ticket” I said as I walked to a seat.

I sat on the bus stewing about this the whole trip. What the hell??? The driver was a true blue aussie, not a foreigner that might had misinterpreted the meaning of the word so obviously he was just being an asshole or i had offended him somehow.

When the bus stopped in the city I made my way to the front of the bus, pointed my finger at him “wake up to yourself mate, you’re living in Australia, people are going to say ‘mate’”! and walked off.

Bloody idiot.



The bus driver sounds like a prized dick. You might want to tell the bus company about him. Jeez, it’s Australia. You can get away with mate in New Zealand, too.

Anonymous said...

Hahahaha! Finally that word is being erradicated from the True Blue Aussie Dictionary! yes!! Up next is "recon" for sure and of course the favorite "its all good"...

Bus drivers are crazy ppl... you know that! Never look them in the eye, treat them like strangers in a dark alley.

Jack said...

Probably the reason he's a buss driver. Some people are just assholes.