Friday, June 23, 2006

news to me

I’m a fan of the ass grab. It shows respect while creating a little male bonding at the same time. This guy however, thinks otherwise…

- (06/06/06)--It's a day Clio's graduating class and the principal won't soon forget. Principal Keith Smith is working to press charges against two students he says grabbed his bottom after they accepted their diploma.

Smith says he's in shock and frankly embarrassed about what the two students did when they took the stage.

"They came over to shake my hand," he said. "As they were shaking my hand they reached around grabbed my butt and started rubbing it."

Smith says not just one but two students did that in front of thousands of people at the Clio Amphitheatre Sunday during graduation.

"Unfortunately since they are graduated (and) basically done with school, that's why I contacted police," he said. "I do think of actions and consequence. There should be a consequence for the action."

The Clio Police Chief says they are investigating the incident.

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Jeez, Smitty should get over it. I’ve had it happen to me in public, and that was by a bloke. OK, it wasn’t pleasant, but this stuff happens.