Thursday, June 08, 2006

partyboy goes to marketing

here's a stupid college prank that was played out here in a brisbane uni. gee, that guy is zany! he must be the life of all the parties.

here's another one from the US, i think.


Deb said...

Do you find it odd that nobody in the classes seem to react to it at all?

Its almost as if.. no it can't be... but do you think it was set up before hand??

mark robert allen said...

ahhh, d. if you have ever been in a lecture you'd know that most people are terrified that people might look at them or the lecturer might call on them for an answer so they sit extremely still and try not to make eye contact with anyone.

Deb said...

Really? My best friend is a lecturer. I'll have to ask him if he has that effect on his students as well.

But I do think I would react if some ninja came through chasing someone. lol