Friday, June 02, 2006

SEGA ads

um... yeah.... ah, yeah. i got nothing to say about these finely crafted ads by SEGA in the english VIZ magazine.



These are classic! And very Viz. The Poms do dirty jokes particularly well.

Dave Levinson said...

So funny, you would never see these types of ads in the US, everyone is too uptight! I worked with Sega in Tokyo for a spell, back when that actually meant something.

mark robert allen said...

really? pray tell, what did you do? photography of some sort?

Michele said...

OH Wow! I ADORE these! What fun.
I used to play Sonic the Hedgehog all the time, never had as much fun as these ads hint at.
Some of these just tickle my funny bone. Esp. the Joy Stick..*snicker*

mark robert allen said...

eyah they're pretty out there.

i used to play with my joystick all the time when i was little, then i grew up and bought a gameboy and i used to get into trouble for playing with it everywhere, i'd play with it at school, in the car, in church, at the ebach.

i'm surprised i didn't go blind from playing with it so much.