Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Study break – all exams over! (until November)

All exams finished. All done. Thanks to everyone for the emails of support and well wishes. Exams are always a crappy experience.

While I was studying I was constantly looking for distraction. My room has never been so clean, by bathroom sparkles and any random thing that popped into my head was pondered for hours.

One of the things I found myself thinking about was: “would I look much different if my face was asymmetrical?” – yeah random huh?

Well, here’s what my face would look like if it was asymmetrical. Wierd!

I’ve got so much to blog about and so little time. I start back at the ad agency tomorrow morning (no rest for the wicked) so most of it will have to wait until later. Until then though here’s some random stuff…



Anonymous said...

Don't you mean symmetrical?

Michele said...

That is cool! And I see you kept the fuzz. Nice.

BTW - did you notice the really cool symbol that appears on your forehead? It's a refection obviously, but it has similarities to some Celtic/pagan or even Christian symbolism.
It's like a -pardon the atrocious misspelling - Roschack test.
It will be different for every person who views it. I love that kind of stuff.
Fun post, Congrats on being all done with tests and good luck on your first return to workplace day.

mark robert allen said...

you have stumbled upon my secret pagan / masonic herritage! all is lost.

cumilae viritae

(gives the secret handshake)

Deb said...

Welcome back to the real world (of blogdom) pal.