Tuesday, June 20, 2006

STUDY BREAK: Street Fighter II animated movie

OK, time for a study break... but I have to disclose up front to my readers that i have been asked to post about this by the Street Fighter people. No deception here peoples, this isn't a paid ad or advertorial or anything, I am genuinely a fan of street fighter.

Street Fighter II. The movie. The animated movie.

The marriage of two of my favorite things... computer games and animae has produced the Street Fighter II animated movie.

Did you see the real-life adaptation of street fighter movie that was whored to Hollywood with Kylie and Jean Claude van Dame? How much did that suck? the only way to do it is to keep to the basics is to keep to animae.

The new DVD release includes never-before-seen footage of graphic violence and nudity that North American Street Fighter fans have been waiting for – including the notorious Chun Li shower scene (sorry all you manga fans, no tentacle porn).


Deb said...

Tentacle porn?!?!?

mark robert allen said...

yeah, it's manga/porn/fetish stuff... so i've been told.

try to google it, you'll find more than a few entries. it's a thriving sub culture.