Wednesday, July 19, 2006

ads: anti graffiti ads

BBDO West has launched a new anti-graffiti campaign for the city of San Fransisco.

they're, ah, well i guess i'm a little too close to the subject on both sides to comment, but...

from an ad point of view, they're a little bland and predictable. ok, sure they might be pro-bono works and therefore not merit the best creative in teh world, but c'mon, there is so much you can do with the subject of graffiti. this is just boring.

from the street art perspective - the wooster collective has posted a number of remixed versions of this ad that says volumes...

From the wooster collective:

what struck us the most when we saw the campaign was how shortsighted the notion
is that outdoor advertising is the solution (a white knight if you will) to the
problem of graffiti in San Francisco (or any other city for that matter).

At a time in our history when advertising has fallen to an all time low in its
effectiveness, it seems somewhat naive to think that, of all things, an outdoor
advertising campaign would have any effect at all on the situation.

There are much better ways for the city and BBDO to use their resources. How about giving money to alternative/non-traditional art programs? How about supporting more spaces and studios for emerging artists? Why choose graffiti at all? Isn't AIDS, or the homeless, or breast cancer, or the lack of education of kids in
California, more important to the citizens of San Francisco than fuckin' graffiti?

link to the wooster collective

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