Tuesday, July 11, 2006

back to work!

Ahhh, the jobs I’ve had.

Now that I’m a student and I’m learning the true value of money, I’m wiling to work just about anywhere.

This week I’m a receptionist (temp) for my old agency for the week. It’s not hard work, it let’s me blog more and finally visit some of my blog buddies (sorry for the lack of blog love peoples), and the money is good.

It’s nearly impossible to find a picture of a male receptionist anywhere on the web. Ok, so I didn’t really look that hard, but at first glance it’s clear that this is still very much a female role. I get all manner of raised eyebrows when people walk into reception and see my smiling face and chiselled features staring back at them from behind the front desk.

It’s definitely not the weirdest job I’ve had….

My dad owned nightclubs in our local town when I was growing up. He didn’t believe in me getting special treatment just because I was the boss’s son, so my first job was to go around cleaning ashtrays and picking up crap off the floors of said clubs. Yeah… I know, “character building”.

Metal fabricator’s offsider in a slaughterhouse.
The guys that worked there were all ex-cons and bloody scary, but it wasn’t that bad because the whole place smelled like bbq.

Labourer for a boat builder.
We were making a strip plank fibro multi-hull cat. The shed we worked in was located on the edge of a mangrove swamp, it was the middle of summer and the mozzies were like piranhas. The worst part was, because we would have to sand back fibreglass we needed to have all skin covered. So we would have to wear a full jump suit with gloves, hood, goggles and respirator all tapped closed. It meant that you could only work for a couple of minutes crouched inside the hull of a boat with a 10 kilo sander above your head before you had to stop because the sweat would stick the jump suit to your skin and allow the fibreglass to lodge in your skin. I’m not sure what was worse, the mozzies or the glass fibres.

Cocktail barman.
Probably the most fun I’ve had working. Ever.

Housekeeper: Club Med Linderman Island.
You had to take a crap job so you could get your foot in the door on the island and get a better job a few weeks later so most everyone started out this way.
The worst thing about Linderman Island is that there are no elevators. We would average 2,000 stairs a day, lugging cleaning crap like vacuums. Madness.

Cameraman for WIN TV .
I kinda fell into this one just by being in the right place at the right time. I was there as work experience one holidays and was asked to come back after school finished. This was a small regional tv station with a production crew of 3 people. In the first 2 weeks there one of the camera guys got the sack so the other one quit in protest. That made me cameraman by default. I was a 17 year old kid with 8 weeks experience driving around Mackay and the Whitsunday’s by myself with $50,000 worth of camera equipment and a company car covering local events and making ads. I was even given my own local tv segment to plan, shoot and edit. It was madness.

Assorted promo jobs.
You’ve never lived until you’ve stood in a club dressed in a ridiculous outfit and handed out cheap tacky gear to drunk-tards.

And then there’s the job in the strip club.
Yeah, that’s still going strong. I’m going back to work there on the 5th of April so there should be some more messy stories to report.


Steph said...

You have a cool blog. I'm bookmarking ya!

I've done the nightclub promotion shite too. Dismal!
So, being too lazy to go through archives, are you a stripper or what? :P

mark robert allen said...

well thank you, so fo you!

no i'm not a stripper... i am a barman.

type in "confessions of a strip club barman" into the search bar up top to read about the trouble i've seen while working there.