Monday, July 10, 2006

eBay stalker part 2

Heee’s baaaaaack!

Yeah that’s right. I wish I could say that my stalker was after my good looks and hot banging body, but sadly, it’s just about getting something for nothing.

So he made it a little more evident about how he was going to scam me this time.

Here’s what happened….

So I listed the camera again (third time lucky!), this time without the “buy it now” button, but that didn’t stop him.

I received notification to say that of the 6 bidders, one person had won the item.

I immediately checked the winner’s ebay profile to find that they had over 48 positive transactions, so I thought that they were legit, right?


As soon as the auction was over I got an email “from Paypal” saying that the money had been taken out of the buyers account and would be deposited into my account as soon as I sent Paypal a tracking number.

The “Paypal” email was almost perfect, but a few things in this seemingly official Paypal email set off alarm bells for me.

1. the website’s and e-mail’s attached to the email didn’t look quite right: who would feel comfortable sending emails to “customer complaints”? engrish???

2. the process that “Paypal” was telling me to follow didn’t seem quite right. This is what the fake “Paypal” e-mail said:

This PayPal® payment has been deducted from the buyer's account and has been "APPROVED" but will not be credited to your account until the shipment reference/tracking number is sent to us for shipment verification so as to secure both the buyer and the seller. Below are the necessary information requested before your account will be credited. Send tracking number to us or email us through this mail and our customer service care will attend to you. As soon as you send us the shipment's tracking number to us for security purposes and the safety of the buyer and the seller,the money will be credited to your account.

**PLEASE NOTE** Once shipment has been verified and the tracking number has been sent to us, You will receive a "CONFIRMATION Email" from PayPal® informing you that the Money has been creditted to your PayPal® account.

they wanted me to post the item first and then they'd send the money - sorry, not going to happen!

3.the address he sent me said to send it to Nigeria!

I was a little unsure so I sent the email I was allegedally sent from Paypal straight to “spoof@paypal” just to check and I got an aswer 3 minutes later:

We appreciate you bringing this suspicious email to our attention. We
can confirm that the email you received was not sent to you by PayPal.
The website linked to this email is not a registered URL authorized or
used by PayPal. We are currently investigating this incident fully.
Please do not enter any personal or financial information into this

This guy musy send out so many of these emails that he forgets what ones he’s sent to whom. So I got a similar story once again:

Hello there, I'm so happy to be the winning bidder of your lovely item, as you can see in my profile that i'm the states ,but as for now...i'm curently out of the country and i want want the item to get shiped to Nigeria to my grandson who is over there... pls i will be adding extra USD so you can use that as the shipping fees

ODO-ONA, IBADAN OYO-STATE NIGERIA 23402. I will be expecting the tracking # so as to verify the shipment.... Thanks for the great business, Paul albert.

Again, as I had told him in all email, “nice try”. I told him that he had been reported to ebay, Paypal and the relevant authorities. I think this annoyed him as it would have taken quite a bit of work to build up the positive feedback that he had accumulated – unless the others on that list were also fraudulent… I’m not sure, but he was abboyed that someone was going to undo all his hard work...

I have not done anything!!!!!!!!!!! if you report me , i will also report you and you will never sell at ebay again... i have goten 48 feedback and you have nothing if i may say...
so....suite yourself.

Paul A.

This desperate man is about to be found out and is lashing out!

Just for the record; i have only started using ebay, and so i have under 20 sales, but 100% is positive, none are negative. oh, yeha, and i don't send fake Paypal emails and try to scam people out of items!

If you’re an ebay buyer of seller it would be in your best interests to block this profile from your account. I’m not sure how they had accumulated all of the positive feedback posts, but the fact that they are using fake Paypal emails and scam postage / payment is enough to turn anyone off.

link to previous ebay stalker post



It will get worse. Could be spambot-driven. Sadly, I get many of these daily.

mushroom said...

I got the 491 ihenritance scam and managed to dick the bloke round for about 30 odd emails. It was kinda satisfying when i got him to ring from nigeria and he couldnt even pronounce my name.

mark robert allen said...

ha! that's bloody awesome. it's such a violating feeling. i've heard about someone actually convincing one of them to send $400! imagine that reversal!