Saturday, July 01, 2006

new toy: watch phone

This is just mad. waaay too big and bloody ugly. surely we can do better than this?

"CEC Corp in China specially made this wrist watch phone for one of China’s most famous ping pong players, the GSM F88 Watch. It is available to the market at the price of 8,888Yuan which is about USD1,111. F88 is a watch with built-in mobile phone capabilities which have 26K colors CSTN display. It boasts a built-in microphone, speakerphone for conferencing, voice dialing, 4 minutes of voice recording, IrDA connectivity and organization tools such as schedule, alarm clock and reminder note. You can even play the pre-installed world cup games on the phone. The keypad number is located on the strap. Video conferencing could be done by the watch because it has a built-in 3 megapixel 180-degree rotating camera. Amazing isn’t it? Almost everything that can be found on normal mobile phones is included in the F88 Watch. It weights 100gram with the size of 38.3 × 76.7 × 17cm."

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