Wednesday, July 19, 2006

news to me: Bird struck with arrow is surviving

Holly Hill, Florida - An injured white Ibis with a two-foot arrow stuck through its body is still eluding rescuers, but appears to be fine.
The arrow missed any vital organs, and veterinarians monitoring the bird believe the arrow is working its way out.

Bob Hunt, a volunteer with the Bird Rescue Center in New Smyrna Beach, says he has captured hundreds of birds and you would think this would be one of the easier ones.

So far it hasn't been.

Hunt and partner Marilyn Camp have spent hours chasing the bird from tree to tree. They threw fish on the ground to lure it down, and twigs to rattle it off a perch.
But the bird would simply climb to a higher branch or flutter away as they advanced.
Workers from the Marine Science Center and Holly Hill police have also tried to no avail to rescue the ibis.

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