Monday, July 10, 2006

out and about: street press launch

so we went to the launch of issue 2 of the "team evil" street press last night.

the live music was great; the winnie coopers are definitely worth the download, but the follow up Japanese band, "wolf panda"? hmmm... Imagine, the 5, 6, 7, 8's but really drunk, comming down and stoned, lying on their backs, screeching as loud as the reverb will allow into the microphone. one guy had a hiking headlamp attached to his head and just shouted "konichiwa, sionara" into the microphone.

glass in the bar was shattering, I still can't hear my phone ring. But the funniest part was after they started playing and got everyone's attentions, the drummer realised that he had set up the bass drum backwards. So the "singer" had to scream into he microphone as loud as she could for 9 minutes while roadies dismatled the drum kit.

I have to admit that we were all laughing and tapping our feet by the end of it. The highlight was when "singer" announced that we had to buy their CD's and t-shirts because they had a gig in the next state but no money to get there.


oh, and the street press kicks ass...

link to street press

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