Thursday, July 13, 2006

rant for the day

I’m a daydreamer. I’ve found that if I’m put in a situation like an office environment then my mind starts to wander and I daydream and come up with all manner of inventions and ideas for books / movies, or new business ideas. Pretty much anything but complete focus on my work.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m very good at what I do and I always get the job done on time and under bunget, but if you gave me a quiet room with a pad and a pencil I would be hard pressed to come up with as many new ideas as I would if you put me in a office, gave me a job and told me not to daydream.

It’s always been that way and it makes study a struggle for me at the best of times.

As I said I’m always coming up with cool ideas, some are pretty out there, but some actually make sense. I’ve even considered starting a blog dedicated to some of the crap that falls out of my brain.

The fact that I’ve blogged more this week while I’ve been working a 40 hour week than i do when I normally work an 8 hour week says volumes. I guess every one of my teachers at school was right, I am easily distracted and I have… ooh, pretty colour!

Here’s some of the crap I’ve come up with:

- concept for a new type/genre of computer game
- car security system that prevent damage to yours and surrounding vehicles (I’ve seen a patent lawyer about this one)
- truck safety system that uses its load inertia to keep it on the road
- a type of bar and hospitality business
- portable music application for mobile phones that uses no internal memory

I’m sure there is more…

Anyhoo. Back to work I’ve got a lot… hey I wonder…

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