Thursday, July 20, 2006

street art: Banksy to stay!

i've been following this and am really happy (is that correct grammar? do i care?) to report a happy ending...

the city council put the responsability back on the people by having them vote to either keep the art or have it removed.

from the wooster collective site:

Naked man' mural allowed to stay'Guerrilla artist' Banksy's

The mural is near Bristol City Council's officesA piece of graffiti by Bristol artist Banksy has been allowed to stay after what the city council described as "overwhelming support" from the public.

The stencilled image shows a woman in her underwear standing behind a suited man leaning out of a window, and a naked man hanging onto the ledge.
The public was invited to decide whether it should stay on the side of a building on Park Street or be removed.

An internet discussion forum showed 97% of submitters supported the work.
Many people who logged on highlighted the fact that Banksy is a Bristolian, and that his work "brightened up" the urban environment.

However, the council warned the support of the Banksy piece is not support of graffiti in general, and an extra council team has recently been created to tackle graffiti.The decision to keep this Banksy image is not a green light for more
graffiti in the city Councillor Gary Hopkins.

Only six people on the AskBristol forum wanted to see Banksy's latest
contribution removed.

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