Wednesday, August 02, 2006

cool site: michael yon

Michael Yon is a war correspondent with a difference that I've featured before.

He ex-special forces and spends his time on patrol with Allied forces in Iraq.

He's not affiliated with any news organization and blogs about what he sees first hand with the sort of brutal realism that sends a shiver down your spine.

He's posted the first chapter of an account of when he was involed in a barfight at the age of 19 that went very wrong.

I couldn't stop reading and can't wait for the next installment...

here's an excerpt:

“I’m gonna kill you,” he spoke calmly.
I believed him.
Fear—my body shifted gears.
I felt a hard jolt as the evolutionary cocktail of adrenaline
and other survival chemicals dumped into my bloodstream.
His body changed somehow. Maybe it was his eyes, or his feet—I don’t know. His right hand clenched into a fist, but, probably because he was half-drunk with alcohol and half with hatred, his body showed the obvious signals of attack that are hard to
describe but easy to see. I noticed his right fist coming up. I was galvanized
by fear.

My left hand landed solidly, striking his right shoulder.

The open-handed blow was forceful and caused him to spin to his right,
throwing him off-balance so that his punch was weak. My hand was on his
shoulder, my fingers tightly gripping his shirt and flesh.

My right fist slammed into the left side of his face. The blow rattled my bones.
His head snapped back.
There was no turning back. It had begun.
Nothing existed outside of the fight.

if you're one to debate the current muslim extremist situation, then make sure you check out the "jihad" dispatch too.

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